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If you need to keep your guests or "Young Customers" entertained then look no further than our complete line of Hand-Crafted Funhouse Mirrors. You'll be amazed at how well your Custom Funhouse Mirror will capture and hold the attention of both children and adults alike. Kids especially will stand around your mirror for hours laughing and giggling at how funny they look. Your Funhouse mirror will also be a great way to teach kids and teenagers not to take life "too seriously". Life is so much better when you can learn to laugh at yourself a little. Our Funhouse mirrors can be seen throughout the U.S. and even overseas in theme parks, schools, libraries, businesses and homes. Here are just a few of the many places that can benefit from a Hand-Crafted Funhouse Mirror:

    • Restaurant waiting/play area
    • Doctor/Pediatric office
    • Daycare
    • Chiropractic office
    • Mall play area
    • Kids playroom
      Theme parks
    • And more…
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If you have kids in your waiting room, why not make it fun!


Five models available:

Since our mirrors are personally Hand-Crafted one at a time, we are pleased to offer something no other Funhouse Mirror manufacturer has offered... customizing! That's right, if you want a special size, paint scheme or mirror distortion we can do it. Sizes up to 4 feet. x 8 feet! We can even match your decor colors, add logos or create custom themed graphics. And most custom orders are shipped within just 2 weeks! Please call us at 231-206-7660 or email with your custom requests to receive a quote.

All our stock and custom mirrors are available unfinished as well for those wanting to release their own creative juices through a custom paint scheme. Stock mirrors come standard with a double wave bend which is the most versatile, however, custom mirror bends are available upon request at no extra charge including Long Legs, Long Torso, Tall & Thin and Short & Wide. We even offer a special distortion we call "The Motivator" that reflects what you would look like if you were to shed a few pounds... a great mirror for the gym or weight loss center. All stock mirrors are also available in custom color schemes, simply supply us with color chips or the color name and brand of paint... we'll take care of the rest.

Our mirrors are hand-crafted one at a time with top grade 3/4" pine, not cheap melamine like some funhouse mirrors. Outer frames are assembled with glue for maximum strength. Our corbels are made from a very hard urethane and are indestructible. We use the very best optical quality 1/8" mirrored acrylic available, which is very scratch resistant. If your mirror does happen to get scratched, an acrylic polish is available that will remove most fine scratches. All mirrors come completely assembled, all you need to do is follow our simple hanging instructions for wall mounting or easily install the optional support legs, if you purchased them.

Please don't mistake our mirrors for the inexpensive roll up mirrors. Our mirrors are 1/8" thick "optical quality" acrylic with near glass quality reflection and are built to be very tough or "kid proof".

All prices include FREE shipping within the continental USA. We will gladly ship outside of the continental USA for additional shipping costs. Please inquire before ordering.

For step-by-step installation instructions, including a description of all hardware required, please click here.

Funhouse Mirror

You may choose this color scheme, which has been the most popular or we can customize the color scheme to match your décor. Overall size is 36” wide 49 ½” tall and 5 1/2” deep.

Price for the mirror as shown is $1470 which includes free shipping.

Click on above image for a larger version showing more detail

Here is the original funhouse mirror in an unfinished version for $1075 (Free Shipping). Ships fully assembled.

Red and Blue Basic Mirror
Basic Unfinished Mirror

Here is our "Basic" funhouse mirror. Dimensions are 25 1/2" x 49 1/2" x 5 1/2". $1020 (Free Shipping). Ships fully assembled. 2-color paint scheme. Custom color schemes available.


Here is the unfinished version of our "Basic" funhouse mirror. $905 (Free Shipping). Ships fully assembled.



Head Stretcher

"The Head Stretcher"

Much smaller than our other models at 24" x 16" x 5 1/2", but built with the same top quality materials and construction. Hang it vertical for a tall head or horizontal for a wide head. (Free Shipping) Ships fully assembled. 2-color paint scheme, and custom colors are available.

Original Head Stretcher $555

Unfinished Head Stretcher $460

Adult Size Mirror
Adult Mirror With Corbels

Adult Size Mirror

Dimensions are 25 1/2" x 72" x 5 1/2". $1590 (Free Shipping). Ships fully assembled. Shown with optional Long Torso Bend.


Unfinished version is $1305 (Free Shipping).

2-color paint scheme version (custom colors available). Includes 1-color on the outside frame and 1-color on the inside frame. $1445 (Free Shipping).

Adult Size Mirror w/Corbels

Adult size mirror with extended top and Corbels $1765 (Free Shipping). Shown with optional stands. Ships fully assembled.

Unfinished version is $1420 (Free Shipping).

Adult size mirror with Corbels - 2 color paint scheme $1645 (Free Shipping).

Slim Frame Mirror

Slim Frame Funhouse Mirror

The same as our "Basic" Funhouse Mirror only 4 inches deep instead of our usual 5 1/2 inches deep. We've had many requests for the slightly slimmer frame because of some code restrictions in hotels, etc. that state artwork can be a maximum of 4 inches deep. Shown with optional stands and a more vintage feeling paint scheme of black and antique white. Dimensions are 25 1/2" x 49 1/2" x 4".

$1020 (Free Shipping). Ships fully assembled. 2-color paint scheme. Custom colors available.

Unfinished version is $905 (Free Shipping).

Mirror Stand

Optional Mirror Stands

Mirrors also available with stand for an additional $175 (as shown above) and include all mounting hardware. Order mirror stands separately by using BUY button below. Stands are unpainted unless otherwise specified. Please specify either child size or adult size mirror during checkout. Shipping is free.

Optional Pyramid Stand

Optional Pyramid Stand

A great option for making our child size mirrors taller. This 15" tall base is also a great place to display your company logo. (We also specialize in logo development, custom painting and digitally printed graphics). Price is for stand only, please order the mirror separately. Stand is primed only, but can be painted any single color for no additional charge. Custom logos, graphics, pinstriping, etc. is available for additional cost. Shipping is free.

Unfinished version is $375.00 (Free Shipping)

Frameless Mirror

Frameless Funhouse Mirror

After many years of requests for an Outdoor durable and Frameless Funhouse Mirror, we finally made it happen! Now you can have the same fun by the pool or outdoor playground. We took our time to make sure it was done right, and you won’t be disappointed. Our Frameless Mirrors are made completely different than our popular Framed counterpart. Instead of Acrylic, we went with 22 gage Polished Stainless Steel, and we backed them up with a rigid PVC brace to ensure the distortion will hold true for the long haul. These mirrors are made for wall mounting only and come complete with Stainless Steel wall brackets and mounting hardware. They’re super easy to install and will provide many years of fun whether inside or outside. As with all our mirrors, custom sizes are available. Please call or email us with your idea and we’ll provide you with a free custom quote. Distortions available include Double wave, Reverse double wave, Short (pictured above), Super tall, Long legs and Long torso. If using outdoors, we recommend placing the mirror in a highly shaded area due to possible intense reflection from the sun, especially in tropical areas.

2' x 6' Frameless Funhouse Mirror (Your choice of distortion)

$1445 (Includes shipping in cont. USA)

Planet Fitness Mirror

Planet Fitness Funhouse Mirror

Outside dimensions of mirror frame approx. 25 1/2" X 61". Outside dimensions of logo backer panel approx. 45" x 89". Comes with wall mount hardware kit and instructions.

$1,750 (includes standard ground shipping in USA). We usually have these in stock and can ship right away, but if we don't please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

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All images copyright Matt Zudweg LLC 1997-2016

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